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Is Dental Australia Right For You?

Dental Australia

If you are wondering whether Australia is the right place to get a dental checkup, you are not alone. Dental care is crucial to your overall health. Moreover, dental care will save you from the pain and discomfort caused by tooth decay. Here, we discuss about the importance of dentists, health care system, regulation of dental practices, and oral diseases’ impact on the total health of the body.


McConnell Dental in Australia are required to follow certain rules and regulations in order to practice. These include registration with AHPRA, the national accreditation body for health professionals in Australia. There are 15 national boards that advise AHPRA on the qualifications and standards of dentists in Australia. In addition, dentists must maintain a high level of personal and professional conduct.

Dentists are dispersed widely across Australia, with more than 80% working in major cities and less than one per cent in rural or regional areas. This means that patients living in remote areas often don’t have easy access to a dentist.

Health care system

The Australian Government operates a number of dental schemes including the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, Cleft Lip and Palate Scheme, and Department of Veterans’ Affairs Scheme. A modified version of these schemes could be used to provide better preventive services and lower the overall costs of dental care. In 2017, the Australian Government spent about $10.5 billion on dental care. This includes government contributions of $2.4 billion. This amount makes dental care the second largest health expense, second only to medication.

The existing dental workforce in Australia includes dentists, dental specialists, oral health therapists, dental prosthetists, and dental hygienists. Dentists provide comprehensive dental care, while dental specialists provide specialized services, including root canal treatment and the fabrication of fixed dental prosthesis.

Regulation of dental practices

Dental practices in Australia are regulated by health regulators in order to protect patients from harm. This is a multifaceted effort that involves the education of dental professionals, professional associations, and dental regulators, like the Dental Board of Australia. The goal is to protect patients from unnecessary medical and dental treatments while providing safe and healthy dental care.

Regulatory guidelines govern dental advertising and marketing. However, not all dental practices follow these guidelines. There are many cases where advertising is not compliant with the regulations. Some dental practices may be promoting commercial products instead of treating patients. This can damage their professionalism and reputation.

Impact of oral disease on total body health

There’s a clear correlation between oral health problems with the rest of the body. The bacteria in our mouths cause inflammation and infection that affects organ systems throughout the body. When these bacteria travel through the bloodstream to other organs, the damage may be irreversible. Oral health problems can also affect our social, emotional, and financial well-being.

Oral diseases are often caused by unhealthy habits or lack of oral hygiene. People with poor oral health are likely to experience lower physical strength and performance. This connection is especially interesting in athletics, where poor oral health often causes problems with performance. However, sports committees often overlook the oral health of athletes in favor of other factors.

Career pathways for dental assistants

In Australia, there are numerous career pathways for dental assistants. These individuals work with dentists, assisting in dental procedures and preparing patients for examinations. They also help dentists, dental hygienists, and therapists maintain the oral health of patients. Most dental assistants are employed in the health care and social assistance sectors. However, some of these professionals also choose to pursue careers in the dental industry as a dental hygienist or a dentist.

There are also overseas training institutions that offer dental assistant training programs in Australia. These programs are flexible and can be completed at any time of the year. Furthermore, these courses are self-paced, meaning students can maintain their current job and family responsibilities while studying. If you have already completed training in your country, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning. If so, make sure to discuss this option with the training provider.

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